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The government has come up with many programs where a child will get be getting free education till SSC or till the age of 14 th , but still many issues are going on from family sides and through government programs.

Every crime is done in India, Delhi tops in every crime, whether its molestation, dowry, sex-selective abortions, human trafficking and the list go on. Why our country tops for bad reasons, Because of Poor mentality, because of lack of knowledge and awareness, still In many parts of India, Girls are counted as sex object and nothing else, still many families have poor mentality where girls are not provided education, Why we still have such poor mentality, World is growing, technology is growing then why we as an individual is not growing, Why still Our country political leaders talk about caste religion, why?

Today every individual should talk about unity, humanity.

Economics Report: Compare and Contrast India vs. Brazil

Because humanity and unity will help us to grow and also will make our country develop. Growing mentality will help every individual to improve themselves and when individual improves country improves. We as an individual have no idea about our rights, we have no knowledge, and this lack of knowledge is the biggest obstacle which is preventing us and our country to grow.

If we compare ourselves with other country citizens, there every single person knows about their rights but we as an Indian citizen have no idea what all rights we have, knowledge never fails, hence always fill your mind with positive knowledge and useful information.

Do you clean your house? Do you wash your vessels? Do you take bath? Do you brush your teeth? We people must follow the core and the most important teaching of every religion and that is humanity. The time everyone understands their Responsibility, from that time we are unstoppable.

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Reason why politicians do nothing on population is Think politician take vote by caste and religion so both opponent parties make people to birth more their caste babies so one caste will be more means more votes same done by opposition party this is reason. Everybody is busy thinking about their own pockets…. Large Population is never an issue, it is a leftist ideology to believe in such a thing.

Economic development in India

A population which is useless and unproductive is the actual problem. Think for a moment, why people go to Urban areas if they want growth in their life, knowing that Urban areas are heavily populated and have limited resources. Also, take example of China and Japan. China has the largest population and is considered to be a super power both Military wise and economy wise. India is believed to grow at around 7. By , India would have become a developed country. It is highly likely that India can become a developed nation by Technology will have largely improved and internet would have also largely spread.

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