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High Gothic in France: Amiens Cathedral

Amiens Cathedral is a Gothic architecture. Do you need a custom essay?

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The Digital Cathedral of Amiens – Myles Zhang

AHI Ch. For so long, the art has been in the Burchfield Penny Art Center.

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The Amiens Cathedral is in good condition today, surviving through many wars. It is a large tourist attraction. I first viewed this piece of architecture in the textbook, The Western Humanities, on page The Cathedral is the tallest complete cathedral located in France. It has a height of It also has the largest interior volume with an amazing , cu yds. The Cathedral has a beautiful three tier interior elevation and a fine display of sculptures.

Amiens Cathedral

The lower tier has three deep porches that are capped with a gallery of at least twenty-two over life size kings. An open arcade is located above the rose window and two towers flank the nave. Even though the Amiens Cathedral has lost most of its stained glass, this piece of architecture has the quality and quantity of Gothic Sculpture, possibly early 13 th century. Inside the building there is a lot of polychrome sculpture, which is from later periods. This building was once supported by flying burchesses around the choir which were later added to because of their lack to hold the building.

In later centuries masons added more flying burchesses that connect lower down on the outer wall. This piece of architecture is made mostly of stone.

Amiens Cathedral and Hagia Sophia: art compare and contrast essay (Essay Sample)

It was discovered that parts of the cathedral were painted with multiple colors. When these colors are projected onto the statues surrounding them it makes the statues come to life. Thus making the cathedral even more beautiful, if that is possible. The structure is overwhelming large compared to humans. Gothic architecture was built to appeal to our emotions.

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  • When the Cathedral was built it was intended to create a spiritual environment, with its overwhelming height and celestial light. Then stained glass came into effect, and this gave the inside of the gothic styled buildings a better interior and exterior look. This form of architecture formed when masons found that a solution was needed to support the heavy masonry ceiling vaults. Now, the first church to be built in Amiens was during the third century by St.

    A second church of Romanesque style began construction in and finished in , but again, another fire broke out and completely destroyed this church in