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My mom shares with others. She is a kind, loving person. She greets everyone she meets. My mother respects the earth. I love my mom a lot and I bet a lot of people love their moms. My mom is special to me because she does everything to keep me safe and healthy.

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Sure, we do get into arguments but my mom does this to protect me and to help me to learn from my mistakes. I love my mom because she is kind, caring, fun and much more. She has a big heart inside of her that has much love. My mom is nice and kind to people. Every time I am sad or angry, she tries to cheer me up. What I appreciate the most is that my mom understands me and she is loyal.

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She understands me and accepts me for who I am. I love her so much and there are no words or numbers to explain how much I appreciate her love. She shines brighter than a diamond. Now, us as kids don't realize how hard our mothers love us.

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Whether you know it or not they are there for you from the start. They help us when we fall and they can do it all. My mom is indeed a special part of my life. My mom has a lot of things to think about in her brain but somehow she manages it. Every day a new challenge comes her way whether it's a good or bad challenge she overcomes it. It seems as though her life is a roller coaster it goes up, down, and spins around.

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My mom is truly special for taking on challenges. We all love our moms a different way. One important thing I love my mom for is when she tries to make things right. She helps the situation whether it's easy or hard.

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I very much love my mom. I appreciate a lot of things my mom does. But, if I had to chose one thing it would be how much she does. She pays for everything. She does everything for me that I would not imagine doing myself. Without my mom I honestly don't know what my life would be like. My mom does a lot and I appreciate it very much. I already knew how many things my mom did for me but now I truly see how much she loves me.

She does everything possible to make my life superior. My mom truly shines like a diamond. I love my mother beyond words. There are no words in any known language that could ever explain how much I admire her.

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  • Children reflect on a mother's love for essay contest.

She is an extraordinarily generous, compassionate, and downright selfless human being. She is patient with my siblings and myself even when we appear to be the most vexatious, bothersome children on earth. Although sometimes we push my mother to yelling with our irritating behavior she always apologizes and tells us she was wrong. She believes in me when no one, and I mean no one else does.

Without my mom I would be like an apple pie without the filling. Tasteless, dull, humdrum. Throughout my eleven years, my mom has taught me countless lessons about life. Never forget an act of kindness no matter how small. The only reason someone would ever be mean to you is because they want to be just like you. Everyone shines in their own ways, shine in yours. Love one another and yourself. I could ramble on and on about all of the precepts my mother has taught me. My mother is probably the most selfless person I know.

She sacrifices her own time to make my life and the life of my siblings as tremendous as it can be. She does so much for us that the least I can do is show my sheer appreciation for her through a passion we both share, writing. Let me just say, thank you Mom.

First of all, I love my mom like a diamond more than anyone else. I wouldn't sell my mom for a million diamonds. So let's get started to the answers of why my mom shines like a diamond. There really are so many reasons. My mom is gratifying because she is always there for me after school. We play basketball outside, cards, talk and lots more. Another reason why my mom is proficient is that whenever I get home from school I get a big hug and kiss. I give her a hug and kiss back. It is more obvious in my case because my name is Marilena, a mix of Maria, my great grandmother who was a seamstress and Eleni, my yaya, who made me soups, bought me Kit-Kats and would never miss my birthday.

Even now. Because all that we love becomes a part of us. We are so proud of our daughter, Marilena, who even at this young age knows that she is who she is because her roots are strong. May she pass these same traditional values to her own children and keep what is important forever alive.

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