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After he knows we are successful, he will be relived and I will be too. Education is just one area in which America has opened its doors. America is full of different kinds of people and nationalities.

The Effect of Illegal Immigration on the US Economy Essay -- Immigration

I feel as if I am not the only one from a different culture. Along with me, there are millions of other people who live in two worlds. That is the good thing about America. This country gives chances to people to find their spot in this world. I am just one out of a million. In America people can practice their traditions as individuals, rather than just one nationality practicing the same tradition.

In my family, we have many traditions that are not like the traditions of other people. A common tradition is taking off our shoes when entering our homes. When I go to my friends' homes, I sometimes forget they leave their shoes on, and so I start to take off my shoes. Then I remember, so I just follow them into their homes, like everything's okay, nothing went wrong.

But when they come to my home, they always take their shoes off, because it is our tradition. And, for that, I respect them. Also, every night we sit together at the dinner table where homemade Indian food is served. We are vegetarians, so there is no meat in the house.

Immigration Of The United States

Every night, after dinner, we sit in front of God and pray to him for safety, happiness, and for him to always be with us. Then there are those special days, the holidays.

Immigration in America Isn’t What the Politicians Tell You

Unfortunately, our holidays do not consist of Thanksgiving or Christmas, but consist of the holidays celebrated in India. Such holidays include Navrati, where we dress up in our cultural costumes and dance a cultural dance all night long at a community gathering. A holiday that follows Navrati is Diwali. This is a five-day celebration for the New Year. Nearly every other advanced country in the world is moving quickly towards a stabilized population or has already achieved it.

The United States is moving towards this very slowly. This country would have to reduce immigration to , a year to accomplish this task Beck 1. If nothing is done to stabilize the immigration to in the U.

Immigration And Assimilation Essay Example: Should Legal Immigration In The US Be Restricted?

Immigration could become an even more serious problem in the U. The government must restrict immigration laws in order to prevent the overpopulation of the United States.

Immigration has been affecting America's population for over two hundred years. Continue reading this essay Continue reading. Toggle navigation MegaEssays. And the volatile politics of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals DACA program put educators on the front lines of a national policy debate that directly impacts the young people they teach each day. Doe in June that declared states cannot deny students a free public education on account of their immigration status.

Clearly, it takes more than an ESL teacher for schools to successfully support students recently arrived in the United States. While this work is complex and varies depending on the students and host communities, the schools and districts that are most successful in helping newcomer students become self-sufficient, successful learners have a few things in common: Strong school leaders, a commitment to knowing and understanding newcomer students and their families, using data effectively, and wrap-around community supports all make a significant difference.

The district serves about 66, students, and a little more than half of those children are economically disadvantaged and most of its campuses are diverse. For example, Woodrow Wilson Elementary School students speak more than 30 languages. As the number of newcomer students in the district increased, the district refined and expanded the supports provided to help these children and their families succeed.

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That led to the creation of the Tumaini Welcome and Transition Center, a two-week ongoing class designed to help any new student learn skills like how to use the restroom, how to open a locker, how to respond to a fire drill, and how to ride the bus, along with basic English skills. Students attend Tumaini before they transition to their home school.

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Can you imagine difficulty of putting your child on a bus in a foreign country where you do not speak the language or understand the school? This starts with teachers seeking to understand if a student has consistently attended school in their home country or if he or she has had little or interrupted education. The curriculum used across the district has strong ELL supports embedded and students experience daily dedicated language support.

The Effects of Immigrants in America

School leaders use data to monitor student progress and deploy a multi-tiered system of support to match students with the correct interventions over time, engaging with parents along the way. It is worth looking closely at their work both for ideas and to better understand the trade-offs they have made to serve a rapidly changing and often high-need student population. We can also learn from St. Paul, Minnesota, where Hmong families began resettling over 40 years ago at the end of the Laotian Civil War.