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How many winners are there? There are also typically Honorable Mentions in each category. What are the prizes? The winners including honorable mentions receive a monetary prize, a membership in the Association for Women in Mathematics, a certificate, and their name and affiliation published in the Newsletter for the AWM. How do I find a woman to interview? If there is a woman in mathematics that you know, you can tell her about the contest and ask her to interview.

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One advantage of this is that you can interview the woman in person, which some students prefer. Can you help? Yes, you can request the name of a woman to interview.

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This will likely be someone in a different region, so interviews would take place remotely e. Please fill out this online Google Form to request to be paired with someone by January Please start earlier!

We may not be able to accommodate too many last minute requests! What is the Request Deadline? The Request Deadline is the deadline to request contact information for a woman in mathematics who has already agreed to be interviewed. This deadline is several weeks before the deadline for submitting essays in order to allow time for the student and interviewee to find a common time for the interview which may take place over phone or Skype, since matches are not usually in the same geographic area.

Can I send an email with my essay as an attachment? No, there is a risk that it would get lost. Can I enter more than one essay in the same year? No, each student should only submit one essay. If a student does enter more than once, typically because there was a mistake in the first entry, the most recent entry is used.

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If I won a prize, can I still enter the contest again? Yes, but you should interview another woman and then write a new essay. A student will contact you and ask to interview you.

The interview arrangements are made entirely between you and the student: depending on your availability, you could meet in person, speak on the phone, or go through a few rounds of e-mail. We also encourage the students to show their essays to the women they interview upon request before submission, so if you would like to read the resulting essay, please feel free to ask them for a copy.

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Judging will begin a few days after that, and we expect to finish the judging by the middle of March. The winning essays will be posted on the AWM website in April. If you have any questions about the interview process or the contest in general, please feel free to contact the Chair of the AWM Essay Contest Committee, Dr. We are currently seeking women mathematicians to volunteer as the subjects for these essays. By volunteering to be an interviewee, you are helping to change the narrative around women in mathematics!

Submission Packet. A valid submission will contain the following information: A biographical essay of approximately words in length, based primarily on an interview you conduct with a woman currently working in or retired from a mathematical career; A short approximately words biographical sketch of the student contestant. This essay contest is open to students in the following categories: Grades Grades Undergraduate At least one winning submission will be chosen from each category.

The submission must be in essay form, not just a transcript of your interview. The essay should be approximately to words in length. Essays will be judged by a panel of mathematicians on content, grammar, and presentation. The competition encourages one to research your scientific interests and supplies you with the […].

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