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Dr Andrew James Davies. View example reading list on Aspire. Learning Outcomes On successful completion of this module students should be able to: Demonstrate an effective knowledge and understanding of how cultural diversity and race equality impact on education in contemporary Britain. Brief description This module aims to develop students' understanding of diversity and equality in Education.

Lecture and Seminar 6: Gender, Equality and Education. Lecture and Seminar 7: Families, Education and Equality. Lecture and Seminar 8: Diversity and the Curriculum. Lecture and Seminar 9: Equality and Schools. Module Skills Skills Type Skills details Application of Number Students will be required to engage with a range of statistical data on educational attainment and outcomes, and with research data on the impact of effective pedagogical approaches. Communication Oral communication is developed through discussion, debate and presentations in seminars.

Written communication is developed through the assignments and some seminar tasks. Information Technology Written assignments will be word-processed and some seminar tasks require the development of a PowerPoint presentation. Personal Development and Career planning Opportunities for the identification of, and reflection on, key employability skills are embedded throughout the module. Problem solving Several seminar tasks will be set which provide problem solving challenges for students to negotiate.

Education for diversity and equality contains many issues where contrasting viewpoints need to be considered and tensions resolved. Research skills Research and information retrieval is required for the main assessments and some of the seminar tasks, as is careful, critical evaluation of evidence.

Subject Specific Skills Students will be required to engage with a range of evidence arising from educational research, some of which will be conflicting or contradictory.

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They will be required to think critically about diversity in education, and to negotiate complex and contested arguments about diversity and equality both within and outside educational institutions. Team work Seminar tasks will require students to work cooperatively in groups to address issues of diversity and equality in education. Diversity — The concept of diversity is to encompass acceptance and respect.

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Explain how legislation and codes of practice relating to equality, diversity and discrimination apply to your own role. The way in which we interact with each other in society is regulated by law.

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The Equality Act brings together all previous acts relating to equality and discrimination. The Act applies to all organisations that provide a service to the public. The Ac protects all individuals and groups from discrimination. Early years setting must be aware of these laws and have in place a policy regarding equality of opportunities and for supporting children with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Providers must also have regard to the SEN code of practice.

The EYFS also states that providers have a responsibility to ensure positive attitudes to diversity and difference. Within our setting we have an equality and diversity policy, and a SEN and disability policy. These policies must be followed by staff and integrated in to our working practice. The policies bring together all the main points from the various acts and the requirements of the EYFS.

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Essay Champion Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Champion equality, diversity and inclusion Assessment Learning outcomes 2 and 4 require assessment in the workplace Assessment methodology Work place assessment - assessment criteria 2. Read More. Words: - Pages: 3. Words: - Pages: 4. Words: - Pages: 5. Words: - Pages: Describe Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Participation Essay Diversity Diversity refers to our differences such as culture, beliefs, values, views and life experiences.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in work with children and young people Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in work with children and young people Question 1 Case Study 1 1 Who is being discriminated against? Words: - Pages: 8.

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Principles of diversity, equality and inclusion in adult social care settings Assignment Bi Create a leaflet Legislations and codes of practice relating to diversity, equality, inclusion and discrimination Health and Safety at Work Act You share the responsibility with your employer for your own safety and of all people that you support Employment Equality Age Regulations An employee is refused a promotion, because of their age Employment Equality Religion or Belies and Sexual Orientation Regulations An employee is refused e. Words: - Pages: 9. Tda 2.