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Garvin St. Christopher Elementary School.

In speaking with Mrs. Wallace excelled academically and athletically at St.

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Christopher and Somerton Youth Organization. Vincent will enter seventh grade. His sisters Victoria and Gianna will enter fifth and second grades, respectively. In addition to the scholarship, the Andy Wallace Foundation has made contributions to St.

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When I came home with the Andy Wallace scholarship essay, my mom read it and loved the idea. Dinner time came and our usual discussions came up.

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What happened today, what did you do in school? My grandmother had just joined the table and heard the discussion. What famous figure do you most admire?

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Honestly, nobody at the table could come up with someone that they would want to write about! For the first time, people were speaking up about their rights. The dawn of the unions created a balance between the interactions of the employer and the worker. Unions have had three major contributions to health and safety in the workplace, including: 1 unions have been a voice for workers in the workplace and have enabled laws to be passed that benefit the worker; 2 they provide workers with information about their rights and available safety programs; and 3 they encourage workers to exercise their rights to reduce their fear of employee retribution.

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Efforts by unions and the labor movement ultimately lead to the passage of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of , which lead to the creation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This federal agency oversees safety and health standards at places of work.

The American labor movement has resulted in health insurance protection, protection in dangerous workplaces, higher pay, and shorter hours for workers. Efforts to make the workplace safer have been the object of local unions for many years. The need for union involvement in worker safety is still necessary today.

In , an explosion at a local Tesoro refinery resulted in the death of seven workers. A weld on an exchanger blew up and instantly melted aluminum up to feet away because it had not been inspected using the most recent sophisticated methods.

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It's up to the American labor movement to advocate for better health and safety laws that will continue to benefit workers in the future. A challenge for the labor movement is the declining union membership from If unions are going to maintain their ability to enhance worker's health and safety, the trend in union membership will have to change. The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire was a pivotal event in the history of the labor movement and in gaining health and safety rights for workers.

At the 50th anniversary of that fire, in , the ILGWU union president made the memorable quote which rings true today: "These were our martyrs because what we couldn't accomplish by reasoning with the bosses, by pleading with the bosses, by arguing with the bosses, they accomplished with their deaths. It is equally important that all Americans remain vigilant in fighting for basic health and safety rights within the workplace, wherever they work.