Thesis statement for depression essay

Check to make sure your thesis contains an argument that hits on the focus of your question. Strike a balance between being too vague and too specific in your thesis.

Depression in Children and Adolescents

A very vague, large statement will require many pages for you to support adequately. A highly specific idea may not be a strong enough argument or provide enough evidence to back up. This is also an example of a thesis statement which can be broken up into two sentences. Make sure your thesis covers the assignment.

Make sure that you can write a paper with your current thesis that will fulfill the requirements. If your assignment was to discuss the benefits of seatbelts, read your thesis again and ask yourself if it can cover the criteria. You have made it specific by narrowing your topic a particular aspect of seatbelt safety. And you have given an answer to how your argument will discuss the benefits of seatbelts.

Make sure you can accurately explain your ideas well enough in your essay to support your thesis. Do you answer a question? Are you taking a position others can challenge or oppose? Is your thesis specific enough? Sometimes, after taking a step back, you can come back with a better angle. If you find yourself needing to revise your thesis throughout your essay, do so. Christopher Taylor, PhD.

An effective thesis statement articulates an arguable, clear position on an issue and answers the "so what" test by answering why or how you will prove your point. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Understand the assignment, formulate a topic, consider your position on that topic, create a question your thesis will answer, write a "scratch" thesis statement, and revise your statement to make sure your thesis is arguable, clear, and answers the "so what" question.

When you restate a thesis, do not merely find synonyms for your key words. Tinker with the structure and word order of your sentence while keeping the main idea consistent with the original. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

The Great Depression Essay

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Your thesis may appear as the first sentence of a short essay paragraphs , but usually it is the last sentence of your introduction. Be sure to follow up your opinion throughout the essay, without going off into another topic.

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Look for good sample thesis statements in your textbook, handbook, or writing lab. Occasionally a thesis needs two sentences but try to get your idea into one sentence. It might be a little long, but that's usually acceptable. Be sure your thesis is not a question: "Do all Europeans support the Euro? Try to include a list of reasons, causes, points, etc.

Background of the Great Depression

In the conclusion or final sentences, be sure to refer back to the thesis, but use slightly different language. Don't simply repeat the thesis.

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Ask your teacher to review your thesis and be prepared to rewrite it several times before you finish. It's possible you may rewrite it even after you finish the essay if your argument changed slightly. Warnings Be sure you don't simply copy something you find on the internet.

Plagiarism is illegal and can get you removed from the class and school. Teachers can easily go on websites and check for plagiarism. By the end of such a paper, you can rest assured that the reader would have accepted your point of view and even agreed to it. As long as you arm yourself with enough evidence to tackle some of the questions that might arise. A little bit of moderation can really help you avoid some of the unnecessary mistakes. The order is very important to give you a good flow of ideas and information. By reading your statement, the reader should be in a position to anticipate what is to come in the next of the paper and even develop a predetermined conclusion.

Once your statement has captured all this, the rest of the body paragraphs will now just come in to support your claims. Avoid non-credible sources as you might end up presenting falsified data and even be disqualified from the paper. While mentioning your pieces of evidence, strive to be as interesting as possible. The independent clause declares your opinion while the dependent clause gives supporting reasons to your claim.

Depression: Cause and Effect Essay Sample |

An example can be;. The writer has declared their opinion and went ahead to give supportive reasons to the opinion. Not enough the writer has given supportive reason-the dependent clause; detecting mutations that bring out the disease and genetic engineering to correct them. The independent and dependent clause are like two peas in a pod; they go hand-in-hand. You can now use the phrase form the dependent clause to form an argument in the rest of the paper.

It provides a limit to the content that can be written. These include length, stability, and specificity.

Do I Have Just The Blues… Or Something More?

The length is a very key element to consider. Just remember to touch on both the clauses; independent and dependent and look out for the number of words- forty at most. Not too short and not too long. Ask your instructor on how long the thesis statement should be to avoid making mistakes.

Good thesis statements are usually stable enough. If you chose to write a persuasive thesis statement, ensure that it is strong enough to pose great arguments. Keep off statements that are too flat or vague as they might fail you. The growing rate of depression in children, teenagers, and young adults is an interesting subtopic you can focus on as well. Whether you dive into the reasons behind the increase or the treatment options that are safe for young people, there is a lot of research available in this area and many unanswered questions to consider.

For example, a lack of emotional responsiveness is a visible sign.

On the other hand, symptoms are those subjective things about the illness that only the patient can observe, such as feelings of guilt or sadness. An illness such as depression is often invisible to the outside observer. In some ways, the diagnosis of depression is more of an art than a science. Doctors must generally rely upon the patient's set of symptoms and what they can observe about him during their examination in order to make a diagnosis.

DSM-5 is the latest edition and it offers a very detailed explanation that guides doctors to a diagnosis.